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Why eWorker?

With so many companies, both large and small, struggling to find top talent, we are set to bridge that gap by providing only the top 2% talent to add value to your team. Our unique solution for hiring elite developers and designers handles all of your concerns.

Top 2% talent only

eWorker finds the smartest talent in Africa who will bring value to your team.

x10 faster on boarding

Hiring great talent has never been faster. Get your’s working in no time.

Save up to 60% per developer

Hiring elite talent has never been faster. Get your vetted developer or designer working in no time.

Why should you hire a full-time developer from eWorker?

At eWorker, we believe talent isn’t determined by geography and opportunities shouldn’t be either. We identify world class developers, designers, project managers in Africa. We vet, screen and provide the infrastructure for them to work remotely or in-house.

Here’s how we compare to other staffing options.

eWorker Regular Employee Freelance Site
Lead time to start 1-3 weeks 1-5 months 1-4 weeks
Recruiting Fee Low High Low
Quality of work High Unpredictable Unpredictable
Termination Fee £0.00 High £0.00
Overhead Costs Low High Low
Pre-Screened Yes No No

We Access Your Developers On Skill, Personality & Ability

Coding Tests

Measure technical acumen with speed & efficiency

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Psychometric Tests

Understand personality & behaviors to hire better.

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Aptitude Tests

Correlate tests scores to on-job performance.

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