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Hire with peace of mind

Our developers are pre-vetted engineers who are available to start work within a matter of days.

Hire previously hidden best talent

Our engineers are not freelancers, which means they are dedicated to your project only, their work is managed, their skills are verified, their workplace is well organised, salary and social package are taken care of and the total cost of is a fraction of hiring an in-house team.

No hidden costs

eWorker does not charge you any management fee or other hidden cost.

Dedicated Engagement Model

The eWorker model is based on outsourcing to individual technologists employed in our corporate locations. This is perfect for rapidly growing businesses, particularly companies who need a longer-term dedicated team solution.

Zero-Risk Working Process

eWorker provides number of processes that eliminate risk for offshore software development after the work starts.


Unlimited Educational resources to enable the team provide top notch service.

Top 2%

Only the best developers and designers work on your project.


faster to hire and assemble a world-class team.

60% saving

up to 60% savings on developer and designer cost

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of jobs do you place people in?

Software Developer
Front-End Developer
Back-End Developer
Mobile Developer
Data Scientist
Quality Assurance Analyst
Network Administrator
Business Intelligence Developer/Analyst
IT Project Manager
Tech Support

How much does it cost?

Depends. The price depends on your project, features and technology required. Provide your requirements and we will prepare a quotation for you.

We do your developers work from?

Developers work from our modern office located in Lagos Nigeria. Please feel free to request a live video tour. Our head office is located at 29-31 Euston Road, London NW1 2SP, please drop by .

What do you look for in developers?

Expert knowledge and experience. We proactively seek out the best developers in Africa, hire them and have them work for you. We require our developers to have excellent communication skills.
Projects that shows their skills in action.
An up-to date resume and more…

Where are your clients located?

All over the world, however the majority of our clients are based in the UK, US and Africa.

What kind of companies do you match candidates to?

Mainly technology and technology enabled companies.