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How much can you save?

We added up all the major costs associated with hiring a Backend Developer in London as an example. When you consider the
actual hours worked by a full-time developer, the effective hourly rate you’d be paying is higher than you might think.

Full time eWorker Full time UK Developer
Base salary Full Time Developer £21,000 per year Full Time Developer £70,000 per year
Health Benefits Health/Dental £0.00 per year Health/Dental £3,490 per year
National Insurance £0.00 per year 10% £7,000 per year
Bonus £0.00 7.65% £5,000 per year
Workspace/Environment Computer, Furniture, Rent £0.00 per year £6,000 per year
Sick days 0 days per year Average of 5 days per year
Holidays 2 weeks Average of 4 weeks
Bank Holidays 0 days Average of 1 week
Productivity Hours 8 full productive hours per day per employee Varies per employee, however most companies are lucky to get 6 full productive hours per day out of an employee
Pre-screened Yes No
Per hour rate £15.00 £65.25
Total Cost £21,060 £91,490

The best for less

In addition to cost savings, each candidate is thoroughly vetted by an eWorker team leader and technology experts. This means that our clients only receive highly qualified candidates.

Our rates for developers range between £15-£35/hour depending on experience and developer stack.

With a team leader at the helm, the team rate is still lower than hiring a single developer from the UK.

For the same monthly cost of hiring one employee, you can have a multi-talented team and lower risk.

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