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Africa Blockchain Developer Program

In partnership with ConsenSys Academy & eWorker, Africa Blockchain Alliance presents the first ever Ethereum Blockchain Developer Program in Africa

This end-to-end Ethereum developer course is a fully online, mentor-led, new and improved course that incorporates feedback from previous ConsenSys Academy graduates in the past two years and that has been created alongside top blockchain developers at ConsenSys and the Ethereum ecosystem.

Our Value Proposition

Learn first-hand from those that are developing the Ethereum technology and tools themselves. The course content is the latest and most advanced content on blockchain at the moment.

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Develop blockchain expertise for your platform. Many organizations are seeking ways to utilize blockchain in their organizational strategy. Stay ahead of the game.


Spot great Talent. Opportunity to spot and recruit great talent from our Pan-African cohort from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana etc.

Use Case

Developers from your community will get to work together with our thought leaders in ideating and developing blockchain use cases for organisations globally.


Generate revenue by earning commission on profit generated from the course and placement of blockchain developers to organizations and projects across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

how much does it cost?

$450 (Discounted from $1,000)

What will I gain?

Mentorship and support, Verifiable certificate on the Ethereum blockchain, Networking and employment opportunities

how long is the course?

11 – 12 Week program (~ 3 months)

What kind of companies do you match candidates to?

We have a large network of technology companies and partners around the world.