Become a Technical Recruiter

In a world with high demand for tech talent, there is another role that is becoming highly sought after – technical recruiters.

Why become a techical recruiter?

The job of a technical recruiter can get challenging. How do you test for someone’s knowledge of Ruby on rails without knowing the language yourself? We’ll teach you how!

The Programme

In this programme you’ll learn how to help companies meet the ever-growing demand for technical talent. You’ll quickly be able to fill job openings in areas such as software engineering, DevOps, databases, architecture, and tech leadership. This training arms you with essential knowledge on how to source, screen, and present qualified candidates.

Candidate centered

You'll learn how to provide a positive candidate experience and engage candidates. Be the bridge for hiring managers.

Source talent quicker!

22% of all developers don’t even have a LinkedIn account. We'll show you were they are!

Tools of the trade

The first cohort will be limited to 100 students. You will require experience in tech or recruitment to participate.

How to get started

Today’s job market is hungry for great technical recruiters. So, what are you waiting for?

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Starting a career in tech recruitment starts with the click of a button.

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Attend Interview

Meet our talent team, if you do well in the interview, you'll be selected.

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Get Started

Enter the exciting world of tech. Meet engineers and become a tech leader.

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