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eWorker connects top companies to an elite network of senior software engineers, designers, data scientist, product and project managers. Every eWorker is rigorously tested and vetted to ensure success.

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We have the largest distributed network of senior technology talent in Africa, who are dedicated to your project or role.


They work the way you do, follow your procedures or processes and adhere to your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)


Most eWorker’s prefer to work remotely, however many are open to working from your location if they are in the same city as you.  Let us know your requirements and we’ll match you to the right eWorker.

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Zero-Risk Working Process

eWorker’s talent are vetted professionals available to start work within days.


We eliminate risk of remote hiring by using AI and human assessment to identify brilliant talent. You gain access to smartest and passionate minds who will stop at nothing to ensure success is achieved.

Hire Senior Talent

eWorker Advantage

Our methodology of assessments has a razor sharp focus on evaluating the true potential of a coder.


When testing, we evaluate the accuracy of the code and grade candidates based on their results.


We don't just test for the results. We attempt to understand patterns behind a coder's approach to a problem statement for deeper and more accurate decisions.

Time & Complexity

We evaluate not just the correctness but also the time and space complexity. We check for Coder efficiency, code memory consumed, and more.

Data Driven Talent Selection

Data Analytics

We get deep insights into competency gaps and key improvement areas.


We use cloud based assessments to analyze aptitude and people skills.


We analyze the results of assessments using individual consolidated reports.