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JOB ALERT!! Our client is looking for a passionate, career driven Senior Android Developer to join their team.

N750k per month! Apply now

Why eWorker?

Africa has the largest pool of untapped talent in the world.

At eWorker, we believe talent isn’t determined by geography and opportunities shouldn’t be either. We identify world class developers in Africa, vet, screen and provide the infrastructure for them to work remotely.

Here’s how we compare to other staffing options.

eWorker Regular Employee Freelance Site
Lead time to start 24-72 hours 1-5 months 1-4 weeks
Recruiting Fee £0.00 £5,000 - £15,000 £0.00
Quality of work High Unpredictable Unpredictable
Termination Fee £0.00 High £0.00
Overhead Costs Low High Low
Pre-Screened Yes No No

Why should you hire a full-time developer from eWorker?

Many companies — both large and small — struggle to find top talent, from candidate qualifications, to right cultural and team fit, to economics that make financial sense. Our unique solution for hiring elite developers handles all of your concerns.

Top 2% talent only

eWorker finds the most talented and smartest developers in Africa who bring value to your team.

x10 faster on boarding

Hiring an elite developer has never been faster. Have your developer working in no time.

Save up to 60% per developer

For the same cost of hiring one employee, you can have a multi-talented team and lower risk.