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Our Assessment Process.

At eWorker, we are keen to provide the best, so we have put together a very rigorous screening process to identify outstanding candidates.

1. Soft Skills & Personality

The first step in our screening process is an in-depth language, personality, and communication interview.

2. In-Depth Skills Assessment

Next, we check for their technical ability, problem-solving skills, and intellect through a number of assessments.

3. Live Screening

We examine problem-solving ability, depth of experience, communication skills, and creativity.

4. Test Projects

Each eWorker is given a test project to evaluate whether they can actually “walk the walk.”

5. Continued Excellence

eWorkers are expected to keep a perfect track record while working with our clients.<br />

The Elite 2%

Only a few elite developers (2%) make it through the eWorker program.

Why Trust eWorker?

Remote Proctoring

We generate test that are sent to developers worldwide and accessed from the comfort of a test taker’s home, controlled by an intuitive and powerful remote proctoring suite that ensures authenticity and raises flags on an extensive list of suspicious behavior.


Developer Assessment

Our intuitive reports let you evaluate in-depth analysis of your developer at a glance. No need to speculate. eWorker takes the guesswork out of hiring.