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Africa, an untapped talent pool

The future of work is online

 Our African based engineers have a tried and tested track record of programming brilliance. We check for technical knowledge, problem-solving ability, and intellect through various assessments. We only accept candidates with exceptional results.

English Speaking

English is a national language. English is the primary language for business and education in the Africa.

Service Oriented

The African Service-oriented culture produces extremely hard working employees.

Western Culture

Africa has a culture that is very compatible with Western society due largely to many years of colonisation.

Hard Workers

African professionals are, by nature hard workers. They take great pride in their work and focus on quality and integrity.

Time Zone

The time difference between the UK and Lagos is only 0-1 hour/s

Proven Success

Demand for African outsourcing services is growing at over 15% per year.

Cost Saving

Salaries in Africa are a fraction of those in the Western world.

Highly educated

eWorker employs highly educated and talented youth with technical skills.