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eWorker is a UK Company that specialises in providing western IT Agencies, Startups and Blue chip companies with dedicated mobile, web and software developers who  work from our fully Western managed offices in the Lagos (Nigeria).

Whether you’re looking for one developer or a team of 15, we provide companies with instant access to remote talent for zero setup costs. Our on-site UK and US managers have access to thousands of locally based, highly talented, fluent English speaking IT professionals that can work directly for you.

Remote talent in Africa

Our high-speed internet and advanced communication tools such as Skype and project  management tools mean that employers no longer have to physically be in the same building as their employee.

The problem with many outsourcing agencies and foreign Freelancers has been quality control, reliability and security. This is where eWorker comes in. Our advanced recruitment and training procedures, sophisticated premises, biometric clock-in systems, PC access and Western supervision ensures that standards are met at all times. We are your office in Africa

Providing access to exceptional talent

eWorker enables bright and experienced technical talent in Africa the opportunity to secure employment through our unique combination of remote work, tech outsourcing, freelancing and employment pathways.

World-class people

eWorker leverages our close industry connections to stay abreast of customer demand trends and prepare talent with the skills clients require.

Grooming talent

eWorker grooms tech talent to excel in the digital economy. We focus of providing non technical and soft skills to ensure our people provide you with the best possible experience.

Our collaboration model

We collaborate with a range of organisations who have deep ties to the local community, bringing our curriculum to their beneficiaries.


support team

The eWorker Support Team consists of Operations and Client Services, Payroll and Accounts, IT Management, Recruitment, Human Resource Management and Office Administration.

The Support Team is there to ensure your staff are working efficiently and delivering to your performance expectations and our quality standards.


staff retention

eWorker is committed to providing you with exceptional staff of the highest quality and to ensuring they stay for the long term.

As well as providing staff with a fantastic working environment, generous salaries and health care (among other incentives) we also organise regular fun team events to ensure they are happy and feel rewarded for their hard work.

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