Hire Top Talent

Our Process

Specialised positions

You tell us what type of talent what you need. We create a customised position for the role you are seeking.

Candidate Vetting

Candidates within our network apply. We verify their skills and interview them to make sure you get the right fit.


We introduce you to your remote team and set you up with tools and processes to work together successfully.

Ongoing Support

We can manage your team, or you work directly with them. Either way we’re here for you.

Try a vetted developer without risk

We will let you try our vetted developers for 15 hours,
if you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay.

Our vetting process

Stay on top with projects and talent easily with eWorker

tickReporting available in our dashboard

tickProject management tools

tickDetailed time tracking


How does eWorker developers work with my team?

eWorker developers are available to collaborate with you remotely during your business hours. We encourage our clients to follow the Scrum methodology and its prescribed roles and workflow such as a daily meeting (using Google Hangouts for example).


Ready to get started? Here’s what to do next

1. Tell us your talent needs

Give us some details on the project you need done or the type of developer you’d like to hire. We’ll get the ball rolling.

2. An eWorker Leader will talk with you

We believe in personalised service, so we will talk to you to better understand your requirements and make sure we meet them.

3. We find and vet the candidates for you

We know you don’t have time to sort through and interview tons of candidates, so we will search our network and vet your options for you.

4. You hire your individual or team

Once we’ve given you a list of strong candidates, you decide who to hire and when to integrate them into your project.

5. You are billed monthly

We agree on staffing allocations and you can review hours on a weekly basis in our system. At the end of each month you are billed for the actual hours worked.

6. Win, Win, Win!!

Success!! Clients come back to us  month on month, as they are pleased with our results and savings.

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