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How it works

With eWorker you can scale your organisation quickly, easily

and cost effectively with dedicated and talented remote staff in Africa.

Collaborate to produce requirements

( painless process )

Provide you with groomed & experienced talent

( only the best in Africa )

Your dedicated eWorkers work & report to you daily

( full time from our offices in Lagos )

We manage
operations and HR

( and ensure quality standards )

Africa, an untapped talent pool

A risk FREE way to access a pool of Africa’s top talented IT workers. Onboard new team members within a matter of hours with no communication issues.

Whether your company is looking to hire Mobile, Web or Software developers our UK Account Managers are your Representatives in the Africa and here to handle everything for you.

We take your hiring requirements, tailor your search and head-hunt the best eWorker for your position.

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Closing labour gaps by giving opportunity to exceptional talent.

Our goal is to find and place exceptionally talented staff who will stay with you for years to
come and who will constantly exceed your expectations.

exceptional talent

Find the most talented driven and smartest young people.

advanced facilities

We equip our people with the latest technology and infrastructure to help them deliver productively and effectively.

peace of mind

Connect our people to organisations looking for digital and technical talent.

quality assured

Monitor and manage our people to ensure success and mitigate risk.

eWorker, Outsourcing Like No Other

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Giving opportunity to exceptional talent.

Providing access to the best untapped managed talent in the world.

Giving young talented Africans the opportunity to be part of the digital economy.

Helping companies to reduce cost, whilst adding value and driving innovation.